The project is organized in three phases:

In Phase 1 we review contemporary research and practice with regards to the implementation of PBL pedagogy and the nature of information spaces in higher education internationally.

In Phase 2, we design multimodal information spaces for PBL. We then, focus on in-class explorations through which the PBL information spaces are demonstrated and evaluated. Overall, we envision PBL information spaces that allow the convergence of various interactions and interface paradigms, made possible with the creative integration of a variety of physical and digital elements available in most university classrooms. We aim to support student fertile discussions, motivate physical interaction and collaboration around the construction of group artifacts and encourage student post experience reflection, all of which are important aspects of professional competencies in all disciplines.

In Phase 3, the project consolidates with a methodology comprising the construction of PBL, multi-modal information spaces and a set of implementation exemplars (concrete scenarios of co-located collaboration on PBL activities) that can be disseminated and re-used by other institutions in Cyprus, Slovenia, Europe, and worldwide.

Please follow the presentations/publications page for publications completed in all Phases.